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Welcome to the deleuze-guattari archive! There are numerous ways to access this archive and to make its contents useful. Here are some possibilities: The archive is located in two places: the first somewhere in Texas on a machine called Deleuze, the second somewhere in Virginia on a machine called jefferson (don't ask). The first machine is accessible only by ftp. ---------------------------- i. The Deleuze machine To get at it, type "ftp" It will ask you for a login id and password; type "deleuze" for both. Type "cd deleuze-guattari/1994" Then type "ls" which should give you the list of the files that are on the archive. They are labelled in the format d-g_month.Yr (which contain a month's worth of posts), with the headers stripped to reduce unnecessary information. To find out which one you want, you may want to look at the index files first, which are labelled dg_Month.Yr.subj. To receive any of these files, type "get filename" then type "quit" And this should do it. You may be interested to know that these files can serve as mail folders-- and this may indeed be the easiest way to read them. Simply move them into the directories mail or Mail (depending upon which program you use: mail for pine and Mail for elm, for example) by typing the command "mv filename mail" or "mv filename Mail" and then go into whichever mail program you use, and go to the folder which will have the same name as the filename. ------------------------------- ii. The Jefferson machine a. ftp type ftp When asked, type "anonymous" for login id and your full email address for password. type cd pub/pubs/listservs/spoons/deleuze-guattari.archive Then follow the ftp instructions as above. b. gopher type gopher then choose the following directories consecutively: Publications of the Institute/Discussion Lists/spoons/deleuze- guattari.archive Here the files will not be seen as mail files, but as subdirectories, within which each message can be accessed individually--this is probably the easiest way to browse through the archive. Read the archive on gopher or retrieve the individual messages through your gopher software. c. World Wide Web In your WWW browser, choose th URL Then locate the archives (near the bottom of the page) and choose deleuze-guattari.archive. As with gopher, here the files are easily browsable, and available as individual messages. d. email These files are also available via. email, through the majordomo program. Send a "help" message to to explore this option. Essentially, the relevant command is "get deleuze-guattari filename" (to be contained in a message to majordomo). Any questions, don't hesistate to ask. Jon Beasley-Murray Literature Program Duke University

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