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Here you will find archives of the Feyerabend Forum, accessible by anonymous ftp, gopher, and WWW. These archives were started on February 2nd, 1995, and will continue at least for the while a permanent archival arrangement is settled. Another possibility of archival that is being looked into is using World Wide Web archives created with Hypermail, which should be available for use within a couple of months. In the meanwhile, Hypermail archives of Feyerabend Forum from November 23rd, 1994 onwards are to be found by pointing your WWW browser to the URL As always, I (Marko Toivanen, will maintain the full archives of the list from the inception of the list on April 13rd, 1994. I can send the whole archive (almost 6 megabytes), or parts of it selectable by sufficiently simple criteria (like keywords contained in subject lines, senders, whole messages; dates) by e-mail. It is to be expected that the whole backlog of the list will be made available within a couple of months. Subscription instructions: to subscribe Feyerbend Forum, send the following command as an e-mail message to subscribe feyerabend Feyerabend Forum is a Spoon Collective mailing list. To find out more about Spoon Collective, direct your WWW browser to the URL Spoon Collective as a whole is responsible for the administration of the all its lists. Of the subscribers of the Feyerabend Forum three act in the role of moderators for an unmoderated mailing list, Anthony Crifasi (, Ermel Stepp (, and myself ( In matters related to the Forum, each and everyone of us can be consulted. Administrative matters demanding immediate care should be directed to Moderators' task is to try to provide the best available resources for the Forum; facilitate discussion on Feyerabend and enable the list to be a resource for anyone interested in Feyerabend and themes related to him. To this end, Ermel Stepp has established an archival space for papers on Feyerabend. The archive is accessible both through WWW and by anonymous ftp. To access it through WWW direct your WWW browser to the URL and to access it by anonymous ftp, ftp to, and select the directory pub/estepp/philosophy/feyerabend.

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