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I want to instigate a discussion of collage/montage/assemblage; my particular angle of interest is how these techniques work in theater and performance art. I am re-reading Ulmer's article ("The Object of Post-Criticism") in the Hal Foster anthology "The Anti-Aesthetic" (Bay Press, 1983), and would like to use it as a starting point for the discussion. Since this discussion, of necessity, has to be ecclectic in its focus, I cannot think of any existing "named" list to hold it on. It seems to be eminently suited for one of the "seminar lists" at So let's hold it on seminar-11. All interested in discussing collage are hereby encouraged to sub to that list, which can be accomplished by sending the message su**cribe seminar-11 (with the "**" replaced by "bs") to - malgosia

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