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Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 20:45:25 -0800
Subject: [D-G] raft of medusa painting

je comprends rien =E0 ces nouveaux filtrages, je sais m=EAme pas si c'est
arrivé su lr adeau de la méduse. qui a peint who painted these horses
and the ship of medusa

drift line is the line which sendss some of the sailors bammed off the
boat "lost"in pacific sargasse extraterritory of las united
rather to my poeytr, restart planning a journey in schizophrenic worldS.


apoem by Filya--

by Filya

You are the alpinist
and I am the mountains
teinted glasses black volcanoes
visions pour throughout
eiderdown silvery skies
off this Flakes sea
off this chocolate mousse
around a plastic covered lie flavoured cherryes
in your necks i hatch them one by one
what see a bugs finds a grape of watermelon grouting
and steels bars are carved after that,
in rows, of saddened white tiny eggs, of yours
complex junctions functions derail gently

Softly unhook pain and mysteries...

Yet what knows of Captain's Cook treasures maps:
is still this years hiding from anyone's glaze as peals of
bananas motion musical translucid chorals
towards black eyes spysubs glasses
of mountain slopes high cliff jikers
went wildly playing the weirdoesuccer parties
forgotten in paled ululating mountains
are these really escaping from a watch
into those spotless desertic islands
as if misty snows now on can flake for me
or triggers in us an eternal traffic jam
so on go much intriguing
into happy stories..
(C) Filya :-:

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