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Subject: Re: [D-G] drift line
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 22:01:23 -0800

is there no other insight for adventure than going into asking THIS
here: this places is devoted to the creation of concepts, feellings, and
percepts, and the schizoanalysis of philosophy as done, both by deleuze
guattari foucault,  but by the schizoanalysis of social field, the
injection of social statements, machinique statements into philosophy
art and science, it's the blossoming of a new civilsation and reactive
individuals like you should live in unversities and die there, the
becoming non philosophical of their philosophy is that which l foster
ways, modes of thoughts, enable us to constrcut a plane of immannence.
you statements are here part of the social flows mechaniscism allowing
special hidden pompuousity to babble. you are the objects of
philosophy's analyisi, not students looking for book as a mask you use
in your e-mail signifies and "communicates", entertain "internet" modern
day capitalism. not paradox but truth. join us and create things, stop
learning (whitehead said in modes of thoughts) performative, both
foucault and delguat love performative in the language which is freed
from what he has to say in a social field (universities, bookstores,
propaganda of iconic deleuze, iconic satre, etc) you stuck, get away
(please) these lists are for philosophy and creativity, invention of
politics, and science, up to the difficulty of this cibvilisation, not
your personal subscription to a paper you have to write for a random
teacher of orders in the conceptuality. stop reinjecting reactivity to
the real creative people we only have this place to mix and elaborate
intelligente di
On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 21:21:17 -0800, said:
> Deleuze on Foucault: Critique and Power, recasting the Foucualt/Habermas
> debate;edited by Michael Kelly, MIT press.=20
> On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:16:06 -0300 (ART), "psicopr"
> <> said:
> > I=B4m looking for some e-texts writed by Gilles Deleuze:
> >=20
> > "Qu'est-ce qu'un dispositif?", and "Foucault, Historien du présent"
> >=20
> > Can anyone help me, sending by reference or e-mail?
> >=20
> > regards,
> >=20
> > Marcio
> >
> >
> > "Por entre as filas o Atrida corria, dando ordens diversas:
> > 'Sede homens, caros amigos, e ardor demonstrai combativo!
> > Possa o respeito rec=EDproco a todos na pugna dar =E2nimo.
> > S=E3o mais poupados na guerra os que sabem morrer briosamente,
> > ao passo que os fugitivos nem gl=F3ria obter=E3o, nem defesa'"
> > Il=EDada, canto V
> >
> >=20=09=09
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