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Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 11:31:01 -0600
Subject: [D-G] =?iso-8859-1?q?=22Qu=27est-ce_qu=27un_dispositif=3F=22_and?=

On a brief  search, I couldn't locate "Qu'est-ce qu'un dispositif?", but I 
found the text for "Foucault, Historien du présent" on a message board:

Hopefully, the other links will be helpful.

What's uglier than a bunch of drunks pissing on the open sores of the dead 
and wounded? Consider this situation: One of the wounded, having been left 
for dead, gets up from the pile and says, "My wounds are more serious than 
yours," all the while swinging his severed leg at another of the wounded. 
Tell me: Who escapes the pyre before the gasoline is ignited?

"Foucault, Historien du présent":


"Qu'est-ce qu'un dispositif?":

Foucault: "Qu'est-ce qu'un dispositif?":

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