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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 17:33:28 -0500
Subject: [D-G] Re: Don't explain deleuze please

Yes, I understand this. The nurturing chaos of the primeval forest and
the rain. This is the best environment for a sensitive soul to find
that necessary marriage of vitality and repose, a calm and innocent
vitality. Telling the healthy from the sick and choosing the healthy,
as Nietzsche said, is the foundation of mastery.

Didn't I read that Deleuze always felt a little guilty, when his
students would hear his exhortation to liberate themselves and then
turn to drugs to do so? I think he always knew how that would end:
Liberation means making life an indulgence and a celebration, but
addiction (and not just chemical, but lifestyle addiction) is
compulsion and routine. Weakness. But he didn't have the heart to play
the old no-sayer -- or maybe he knew it would do no good.

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> For me it has been these past years understanding schizo-affective
> disorder (a sort of chaos in the brain),
> and only recently psychiatric medications
> but,
> even has a child, i always had so many questions.  i saw parties would
> never have answered them
> drugs would of only ruined them, ...
>   and so, i clung to my questions and they led me to Deleuze, since the
> last 14 years...
> I read a slow as as ever... having never read before.
> The ones i knew who had an opposite sort of life, have they arrived at
> Deleuze?  i have no idea.  but, they would not stay for long. i would
> imagine.
> And so, i live on the edge of a giant redwood forest, near the ocean,
> reading Deleuze with the questions, watching his movies with my
> animals.
> Will i ever go back to the big violent city?  Never.
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