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Subject: Re: [D-G] Re: Don't explain deleuze please
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 16:33:40 -0800

maybe it was a delay in time for the true time of an evolution
not with the 60's that he was too late for but one other still to come
one day the century will be deleuzian?  i don't know
but things do change from time to time
and sometimes for the better
there are things that are left behind and things that are created
maybe this can tie into the discussion of post-modernism?

On Nov 27, 2004, at 2:33 PM, Jeremy Livingston wrote:

> Yes, I understand this. The nurturing chaos of the primeval forest and
> the rain. This is the best environment for a sensitive soul to find
> that necessary marriage of vitality and repose, a calm and innocent
> vitality. Telling the healthy from the sick and choosing the healthy,
> as Nietzsche said, is the foundation of mastery.
> Didn't I read that Deleuze always felt a little guilty, when his
> students would hear his exhortation to liberate themselves and then
> turn to drugs to do so? I think he always knew how that would end:
> Liberation means making life an indulgence and a celebration, but
> addiction (and not just chemical, but lifestyle addiction) is
> compulsion and routine. Weakness. But he didn't have the heart to play
> the old no-sayer -- or maybe he knew it would do no good.
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>> For me it has been these past years understanding schizo-affective
>> disorder (a sort of chaos in the brain),
>> and only recently psychiatric medications
>> but,
>> even has a child, i always had so many questions.  i saw parties would
>> never have answered them
>> drugs would of only ruined them, ...
>>   and so, i clung to my questions and they led me to Deleuze, since 
>> the
>> last 14 years...
>> I read a slow as as ever... having never read before.
>> The ones i knew who had an opposite sort of life, have they arrived at
>> Deleuze?  i have no idea.  but, they would not stay for long. i would
>> imagine.
>> And so, i live on the edge of a giant redwood forest, near the ocean,
>> reading Deleuze with the questions, watching his movies with my
>> animals.
>> Will i ever go back to the big violent city?  Never.
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