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Subject: Re: [D-G] Re: Don't explain deleuze please
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 00:56:00 -0800

would this link with "memories of a sorcerer".  the guru?

On Nov 28, 2004, at 10:06 PM, Mr David Fussell wrote:

> Massumi called it something like an, 'augmentation of the power to 
> live in
> this world'.
> At a presentation I gave once, a member of the audience naturally 
> assumed
> this was provided by drugs. I couldn't quite (morally) explain that 
> that was
> dependent on the context of becoming. It might as easily be provided by
> drinking water, getting on all fours or sewing up your arse-crack! And 
> so
> on...
> An ex-disciple of an indian guru once explained the 'free-love' 
> rationale to
> me. The disciple would see freedom as free love and the ask the guru. 
> The
> guru would say, 'yes'. Endless free love would leave the disciple 
> divorced
> with children of multiple partners, a drug habit, a hippy wardrobe and 
> lost.
> The disciple would say freedom is not free love. The guru would say, 
> 'yes'.
> The disciple would say freedom is a loving family. The guru would say,
> 'yes'. In other words 'yes' means among other things, 'only you know'.
> D
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>> Yes, I understand this. The nurturing chaos of the primeval forest and
>> the rain. This is the best environment for a sensitive soul to find
>> that necessary marriage of vitality and repose, a calm and innocent
>> vitality. Telling the healthy from the sick and choosing the healthy,
>> as Nietzsche said, is the foundation of mastery.
>> Didn't I read that Deleuze always felt a little guilty, when his
>> students would hear his exhortation to liberate themselves and then
>> turn to drugs to do so? I think he always knew how that would end:
>> Liberation means making life an indulgence and a celebration, but
>> addiction (and not just chemical, but lifestyle addiction) is
>> compulsion and routine. Weakness. But he didn't have the heart to play
>> the old no-sayer -- or maybe he knew it would do no good.
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