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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 11:33:18 +1100
Subject: [D-G] CFP: Philosophy and Aesthetics - Deleuze and Lyotard

Philosophy and Aesthetics
Wednesday June 22nd - Friday June 24th, 2005
University of Melbourne, Australia

A conference organised by
The School of Art History, Cinema, Classics and Archeology
The School of Creative Arts
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy

This three-day conference will cover a range of thinkers and issues in
contemporary philosophy and aesthetics, with a particular focus over the
first two days on two French philosophers, Jean-François Lyotard and Gilles

à Day One: Lyotard - Beyond the Postmodern Condition

The reception of the philosophy of Jean-François Lyotard in the
English-speaking world has been sporadic and far from comprehensive.
Regrettably, his influence has been largely felt through the infamous
definition that opens The Postmodern Condition, and to a lesser extent the
ironically-flavoured summary found in the 'Reading Dossier' of The
Differend. The aim of this symposium is to redress this situation by drawing
attention to the large amount of provocative and important work done by
Lyotard throughout his career. Particular attention will be given to his
early libidinal philosophy, his readings of other philosophers, his
aesthetics, and his recent work (from Postmodern Fables onwards). Possible
topics for presentations could include: art and aesthetics; Lyotard's
readings of Freud, Marx, Kant, Lévinas, Malraux, Augustine, Adorno, or
phenomenology; Libidinal Economy; Discours, Figure; paganism; Lyotard's
politics and his theorizing of the avant-garde.

à Day Two: Deleuze and Creativity

Although many aspects of Deleuze's work have received close attention in
recent years there has been little written about his views on aesthetics and
creativity (as distinct from his views on particular artistic creations).
The aim of this symposium is to provide an opportunity for exploring Deleuze
's account of creative production in the context of the various arts
(literature, film, music, theatre, painting etc.) and of culture more

à Day Three: Philosophy and Aesthetics

The third day of this conference is open to papers from all disciplines
theoretically or practically engaging with issues in aesthetics. Both
academics and practising artists are invited to contribute papers or works
of relevance to the conference theme.

Possible topics for presentations could include:
Postmodern aesthetics; the changing role (and relevance) of art in
contemporary culture; emergent art forms; the relation between thought and
sensation; the sublime; recent movements within the respective arts; the
relationship between the marketplace and the reception and consumption of
artworks, etc.

Papers on philosophers, cultural critics, or artists who have written on
aesthetics or aesthetic issues are welcome (e.g., Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche,
Heidegger, Bataille, Kristeva, Blanchot, Lacan, Derrida, Baudrillard,
Adorno, Genette, Ricoeur, Jameson, McLuhan, Goodman, etc.)

à Expressions of general interest can be sent to Felicity Colman
<> or Jon Roffe <>. Particular
expressions of interest concerning Day One (Lyotard) can be mailed to Ashley
Woodward <> and Day Two to Graham Jones
<> or Barbara Bolt <>.

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