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Of course the intro to "What is Philosophy" is about aging, in its own way,
but you have been there, I suppose.. have you tried some of the courses (on
webdeleuze) - he often starts out or intercepts himself, with small,
"personal" reflections, that step out of and into the theme of the course -
it's a search, but the tone is quiet and fine.. if I stumble across it in my
present reading of the Leibniz courses, I will let you know.

Oleg Koefoed
Process Philosopher, Ph.d.
=A0"..quand un philosophe découvre des nouveaux concepts, ce nést pas comme
ca, tout d=92un coup, dans sa t=EAte. Il y est amené par toutes sortes de
probl=EAmes." (Deleuze)

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i'm thinking about a dg, all that occurs to
me would be a reference to Aristotle's treatise
"Rhetorics" (Book 3 if i'm right) which depicts the
similitudes between youth and the old age; then
Cicero's "De senectute".  Both philosophers explain
all the details of this process of growing old.
Then there would be a movie staring Katherine Hepburn
and Jane Fonda "On the Golden Pond" which is the story
of an old-aged couple and of their morosity.

i'll be looking for a dg text also.


--- Sylvie Ruelle <> a écrit
> I am looking for some works of deleuze and guattari
> that deal
> specifically with aspects of aging (not dying
> itself) and growing old. 
> Particularly regarding aspects of neglect and not
> being able to care
> for oneself anymore.  Can anyone refer me to a dg
> text(s) or
> chapter(s)?
> Thanks!
> Sylvie
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