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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 11:20:44 -0500
Subject: [D-G] the "virtual"

I think "virtual" is meant to be a concept of (dare I say it)
ontology; I think it's meant to be a contribution toward getting a
vocabulary in which we can talk about the world without resorting to
objectivistic or transcendental realism. "Virtual" is a concept of
immanence and dynamism: the "virtual" is that (or "virtuals" are
those) by virtue of which an event unfolds in just the way it does;
the virtual factor is an analytic element of "A LIFE" (where
life-events are immanent to consciousness). The virtual is the power
of the world. Like a less metaphoricalized or anthropomorphized
version of Nietzsche's locus of "will to power", if you like -- and I
think this is important, that "virtual" is meant to mean "pertaining
to power", virtus, not "pertaining to the unreal or illusory".

Or maybe I'm just mixed up.

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> Subject: RE: [D-G] Deleuze and the symbolic
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> I don't think the virtual can be reduced to "interpretation mediated by reality". It seems to reside in Deleuze's metaphysics. I will speak more to this later.
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