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Subject: Re: [D-G] translation "syn-aestesiae"
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 08:35:59 -0800


what would be thus the most accurate manner (the craftie way, well this
mihgt seem a bit poser phrasing, but i want to say it: a "double
outline" ; how would you Yourself as the alchemist of the group-subject
that I will know of you,  since now you can show us how we will
translate my quote in something remotefully "complete" thus yet
underashieved, potent with glowths of all sorts full of strange
bing-bing "effects" that can attract passer-bys now that our authours
Deleuze and Guattari can be laid still standing away, waiting streetcars
in refuges, in a melodic landscape as they are , in their (becoming)
power of discernability;
how would you de-synaesthesise though the bloc of sensation :
so as it's passings and repassings of co-ordinate in a house refrains on
a perspective without inhabitants whom we know all about and yet can get
glimpses about them, to it's tuu tuu, but a room transpiring with
variations, not only in a comprehension, or an extension, an ordination,
you know just give us a taster

                ie. an apericube,

give us the right example, Joan you seem to understand as fair my claim
as to go with my hand in yours the disordering the senses, give me an
adequate translation?

regards to Lucy thxyou Ad-
On Sun, 6 Mar 2005 21:35:23 -0500, "joan carol urquhart"
<> said:
> 'outline' is what my dictionary suggests for 'esquisser'
> but really, its more alchemistic,
> the (process of) thick translation some call art
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> Subject: Re: [D-G] translation "syn-aestesiae"
> Ce ne sont pas les synesthésies en pleine chair, ce sont ces blocs de
> sensations dans le territoire, couleurs, postures et sons, qui
> esquissent une oeuvre d'art totale"
> "It is not syneasthesiae in full flesh, but these sensations blocs in
> the territory, colours, postures and sounds, that [esquissent?= sketch
> out?] a total work of art"
> WIP? p184
> NB on Deleuze's french in WIP? it is a french that is not the standard
> french, esquisser here
> when i read it, the both harraps and collins french english dictionary
> at hand here cannot translate it by sketch out. sketch out it's a rough,
> hard word.i don't know what to suggest instead, i am sorry. you native
> speakers what you think yet?
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