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Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 18:57:04 -0800

Dear Pierre

My french is quite average, so but I guess: can do that for you.
But the thing is: I want to be sure media becoz about how do you get
 the money the inspiration, the people around you: from an answer to a
 postcard to a multi-media project.

doesn't seem quite serious. i am coming back from a two day deep
meditation in Berne in Switzerland, where I have been advised on the
order of ideas by a wise doctor.

It's indeed interesting, many, many, many people are discovering the
Death of Man. At first it was a worry, because of the Formatisation of
life: they thought about Deleuze saying Silice Powers would not be
tolerant to Carbonic Power. So 1) Worry 2) Chaos. It's the time of the
Artists. But, as I am too much an easthetiser, I thought I should kill
myself. It's dangerous isn' it?

What's happening to us? Am I human for you. Non-sense. We do not know
each other has replaced We need one an other. It's a general chaos, or
something which is still not fully arrived to my consciousness. I wish
it was already there, and I had not these thought about Deleuze's
exterior. The inside aloud is Liza's theory. It's different.
Liza is interested by a small computer, from Sony with Lynux inside she
says. It's great. I am not talking with her anymore on this list since a
week. Well, Pierre, I am also heading to the bed. It's late here, and I
have some work to do for the Anti-Virus which crashed. As a result I had
to call my wife to divorce, and she is suing me with a Lawyer from San
Diego. And as I am 5 years old, and with a subjectivity of thirty years
old, people become aphasic around the poetic things in my mind, and it's
not me. I need to take trugs to be like them. Do you see the
contradiction? I don't like all this. If man is risking death, or if
rather man is really dead, and all is true, then I am dead. And thus
life forgiven, it begins. But it's a life which begins. That's the
deleuzian idea translated in a new language. Some voice wants me to shut
down. But she must know I was not saying it was the best way to
understand the idea. Sometimes ideas are vanishing from message boards,
because of the writer's willed negligence.
  adline vanlindenbergh

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