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Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 01:57:45 +0100
Subject: [D-G] Magicians of Proust


Chers Amis d'Outre Rhin et d'Atlantique
De l'autre c=F4té des vagues
apr=E8s Quimper 
Apr=E8s Erin
Apr=E8s le Groenland

Au CanaDa,

Aux "States"

A Buenos Aires

Au Danube

En combien de temps vous retrouver

sa vacuité essentielle...

Et voil=E0 que je start myself speak English la la!

it's harmonic are like the sweetest honey
For I was juste aboute to reading Proust
not the Proust and Sign but The Time found Back
ouch! quel language peu soutenableee

I has been Read Proust
in look up in the Camera Obscura
being fully detailed
by Vermeert van Delft
tu sais?
I went in my bookselves
I am good now
I want to write
I want it excited here

What A good litterature
he rises a writer like me
Jesuis ecrivain
Jesus ecrivain
Jesus: Writes me!

Proust: I adore Thee
but I can write to you



I am better when I read Proust
than when I rehe was so sensible)

I was depressed I went to Cinema Nova
there're no circus in Rennes
acrobats dives and
leni riefenstael

sorry this list i am probably enchanted
lol: this is not conceptual art 
you say, but ok
it's a Proustian self-Study
see it like this

who still reads this?
gondo minnie?

my boiling tap water
green tea

BTW I am free
I need to marry someone.
It looks ironical
it looks different
but in France we also
eat Mont Blance Tunnels, like in states
you hazve Yellowstone or Yosemitee

I don't know what much to say
Yoiu have the answer in your jeans

Write me if you wanna date me .

Even if you don't rely to America.
Air France is welcome
and wishes you

Pierre T.

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