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Subject: Re: [D-G] Omega 3
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 14:18:49 +0200


what about some Yoga Meditation techniques to improve your concentration?



Am Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:30:52 -0500 schrieb Ivan Zavala <>:

> Just recently I learned about Omega3.
> I have terrible problems of concentration, imagine this, I use 4  
> computers at a time writing, designing, reading.
> Well the point is that an academic from the field of education  
> recommended me to try eating peanuts and every variety of nuts.
> The result is great.
> Omega 3 can be found on fish oils and nuts. So instead of having a spoon  
> of fish oil every morning I have lots of peanuts and now I can  
> concentrate, I eat nuts all day.
> It's so good because I also drink less coffee and smoke less, it's  
> because I'm so concentrated at work that I forget my cigarrets and nuts  
> go better with fresh drinks than with coffee
> Well, I invite everybody to eat nuts and empower your concentration.
> About Sub Marcos leaving Chiapas, I'm from México city, and i haven't  
> heard anything about it. Here every news is about the pope until last  
> friday that the issue is about Mexico's city major impeachment (is it  
> the correct spelling?)
> Well greetings from México
> On 10/04/2005, at 02:27 PM, Lucy LeGentilSinge wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> masos and paranos, junks
>> nevropaths and schizophrenetics...
>> My difficulty is the following: I am not following the
>> news on the death of the Christian Jean-Paul the Seonc
>> Pope of Christ. He was elected the day of his birth,
>> in 1978, and at this time I admit was more interested
>> by the Anglican Church, also and also the Methodists.
>> But I have not been following the Pope's death and
>> knew the poor fellow would die, nor Have I listened to
>> the tv chatter on Charles' wedding with a charming
>> Princess of what I guess she is a Roth-Urian. I knew
>> they would marry because Queen Elisabeth talked about
>> only joining outside Also (& this is a surprise!)
>> Monaco Prince (former husband of the hollyodian
>> actress G.Kelly) Reinier, all this can lead you with
>> the conclusion: I am not in touch with tv- reality.
>> Pink TV: not seen! So I took up and cracked a given
>> quantity of Omega3. It's perfect for the taste. It
>> goes in the brain cell directly, surely it can melt in
>> there when I will take it. It's so good also I 've
>> been said by the Pharmacopeonist!! But what I wish,
>> was I knew how to re-connect re-al-ly with this week's
>> agendas. Someone said also that the Marcos were out of
>> Chiapas, and fled to Bahamas Island. Ney I want to
>> have a squilsh of Omega3, I wish you could with me try
>> to empower my power of thoughts. Omega3... And so I
>> took it, and I have reconnected totally with my
>> M-Theory agents and their hidden secrets. Conspiration
>> theory flushed out me like a Line of Music with an
>> Omega3 gem broken and falling on the ground squelching
>> drops on the hands. What to do with my lack of Omega3?
>> I ask you if you knew.
>> Lucy
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