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Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 06:11:56 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [D-G] Mesas - Plateauw Plateu.
Hi Harald

On the level of Expression, I can connect with you on
several instances.
On the level of Content
I say: look at the Mesas, these are the Plateaus.
As you have said for Spinoza and Beatitude in one of
this January's Posts, i reckon, that you thought there
well Beatitude in Spinoza's revendication of
When Deleuze , and Guattari, talk about Mesas, these
need to be experienced:
Most people only go around the Mesas, this is why you
can hear often these writers are fashion, en vogue,
and that they should be read more "philosophycally",
like Paul Bryant who was on these lists on DG, and
migrated where? and thus i don't know, the last
option, is to climb up the mesas, and see the
landscape from there.
Up to you then to take a parachute, or stay until you
find a path of exit, it one is needed, because you
could, as we are sometimes protected by gods in these
countries, we could well, we could fly from one mesa
to another. If one mesa is Deleuze Rock, then another
is Deleuze Rock, and till you exhausts Deleuze, you
can return to the land of Kleist, of the Amazon. We
are little girls, and this giant rock for us is suchly
great in symbolising our dreams, that we are now
bathing in the current of the blue spirit, that it is
still funny to ask to our little boys to climb up the
tree, and to remember us while we see them wane in the
distance, ascending the magnifiscient, over
photographied, but still insidious Rocks of Guattari
and Deleuze.

Their splendour is infinite. Let's not do caricatures
like bon papis.

That's of course for the Content. You Expression
convenes to my dream.


Adline (the eight year old sister of a little squirrel
who was adopted by a boy who is on top of the Monument
Valley at the moment I writing this e-mail.
And Liza and Lucy have let me write today on their box
in the net.

Thanks You
Shabbat Shalom bytw

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