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Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 03:50:15 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [D-G] to build by help, rhizome


Merci Liza pour ta lettre d'hier soir. Adline est
encore en voyage et elle n'aura probablement pas pu
répondre à ton courrier. 

Chèrs Ami,
Dear Friends
Cara Amigos
Chaverim Tovim Sheli

Nous, We, Nachnou, Anachnaou

--Somebody beep and confirms me the Republic wants me
to talk in English. I am sure the Afraicans, the
Eurasians, and the Micronesisans won't see this as a
capture of the Drift Line Politics --

it's just so I'll do that more easily with my friends
and not yet seen people subscribed in this place.

Yes, the motif the motivation for my talk, for today
is the one:
    Can there be more debate on the list. Can
subscriber talk about what they feel worthy of
interest, that they would connect or not from Deleuze
and Guattari . So first 1)
Can there be enough people who know of Deleuze and
Guattari capable of actively interact does this that 
is there, really making a sense as a relation between
you and me (i am saying this when the group is not yet
recognised by anybody else than me), but that I can
trust we won't get lost out of the maximum of benefit
we have enjoyed in the past of the list, from the two
authours, while, as it risqus being diminishing now,
and the fashion is waning, while the accademician feel
less concerned about the polemic side of Deleuze and
Guattari's book, so this world is starting to vanish,
and I was wondering if we could extend more relations
between Deleuze and Guattari, and re-ACT to this
waning by infusing more relation of Deleuzian
Guattari, or that belong to Universes of Value with
which they share Hyperboreales zones (cad zones of
undisctinctions between first nature and second
nature) and thus, well, I say this particularily to my
firend who is a very good supporter to me on this
lists when I speak here, Stephano, and I say this to
you Stephano: I do not care about Ildegirsun
being from the North, I am from the South, and we need
such type of Belongings of that sort if we want to
build the rhizome. What is important now the rhizome
that we want to build here as not yet existed.

We want to build a rhizome. The connotation explicit,
Deleuze ATP Guattari, is less clear: all flyers of
popular TV Parties in European American Trendy Events
are misusing the word rhizome and make some of us
"malveillant" malevolent, do you want to be
malevolent? no! so we will use it with benevolition,
the word, rhizome, is there for us, natural, immanent.

It's strange, I am not sure of the quality. Other
matter should be said, they can now find a place where
here they will be said, and that's what I want to do,
see if others are likely enthusiast about these
possibilities for new, non-deleuzian expression, done
with admiration for Deleuze. The project is not
original of course? And it is. But what is not
original is those people who claim a project needs to
be original. Rhizome!!! What shall we do then, only

For a while, I should say, until some start to
disagree, we will gradually assume democratic
decisions for the group according to a vote for
changing Rhizome's characteristics.

Because we are poet, we have the right to call
whatever list on the internet the way it has been
designed, Drift, we can for example Drift, we can,
call this list: Rhizome.

And remember how many readings of Rhizome will not be
competitive towards a real self-made thought, on the
rhizome plateau itself.

So please, let's Rhizomise. 

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