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Subject: Re: [D-G] to build by help, rhizome
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 12:26:05 +0200


real good idea. But perhaps not to miuch metadiuscorse (n+1).



Am Sun, 24 Apr 2005 03:50:15 +0100 (BST) schrieb Lucy LeGentilSinge  

> -
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> Merci Liza pour ta lettre d'hier soir. Adline est
> encore en voyage et elle n'aura probablement pas pu
> répondre à ton courrier.
> Chèrs Ami,
> Dear Friends
> Cara Amigos
> Chaverim Tovim Sheli
> Nous, We, Nachnou, Anachnaou
> --Somebody beep and confirms me the Republic wants me
> to talk in English. I am sure the Afraicans, the
> Eurasians, and the Micronesisans won't see this as a
> capture of the Drift Line Politics --
> it's just so I'll do that more easily with my friends
> and not yet seen people subscribed in this place.
> Yes, the motif the motivation for my talk, for today
> is the one:
>     Can there be more debate on the list. Can
> subscriber talk about what they feel worthy of
> interest, that they would connect or not from Deleuze
> and Guattari . So first 1)
> Can there be enough people who know of Deleuze and
> Guattari capable of actively interact does this that
> is there, really making a sense as a relation between
> you and me (i am saying this when the group is not yet
> recognised by anybody else than me), but that I can
> trust we won't get lost out of the maximum of benefit
> we have enjoyed in the past of the list, from the two
> authours, while, as it risqus being diminishing now,
> and the fashion is waning, while the accademician feel
> less concerned about the polemic side of Deleuze and
> Guattari's book, so this world is starting to vanish,
> and I was wondering if we could extend more relations
> between Deleuze and Guattari, and re-ACT to this
> waning by infusing more relation of Deleuzian
> Guattari, or that belong to Universes of Value with
> which they share Hyperboreales zones (cad zones of
> undisctinctions between first nature and second
> nature) and thus, well, I say this particularily to my
> firend who is a very good supporter to me on this
> lists when I speak here, Stephano, and I say this to
> you Stephano: I do not care about Ildegirsun
> being from the North, I am from the South, and we need
> such type of Belongings of that sort if we want to
> build the rhizome. What is important now the rhizome
> that we want to build here as not yet existed.
> We want to build a rhizome. The connotation explicit,
> Deleuze ATP Guattari, is less clear: all flyers of
> popular TV Parties in European American Trendy Events
> are misusing the word rhizome and make some of us
> "malveillant" malevolent, do you want to be
> malevolent? no! so we will use it with benevolition,
> the word, rhizome, is there for us, natural, immanent.
> It's strange, I am not sure of the quality. Other
> matter should be said, they can now find a place where
> here they will be said, and that's what I want to do,
> see if others are likely enthusiast about these
> possibilities for new, non-deleuzian expression, done
> with admiration for Deleuze. The project is not
> original of course? And it is. But what is not
> original is those people who claim a project needs to
> be original. Rhizome!!! What shall we do then, only
> rhizomes?
> For a while, I should say, until some start to
> disagree, we will gradually assume democratic
> decisions for the group according to a vote for
> changing Rhizome's characteristics.
> Because we are poet, we have the right to call
> whatever list on the internet the way it has been
> designed, Drift, we can for example Drift, we can,
> call this list: Rhizome.
> And remember how many readings of Rhizome will not be
> competitive towards a real self-made thought, on the
> rhizome plateau itself.
> So please, let's Rhizomise.
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