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Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 03:11:04 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [D-G] little cloud Michel Serres

it would be nice of the moderators if they could be
thinking of participants  to deleet themselves from
the archeeves the files deleeted under sleeping pills
some writers (not me but i take their defense here)
have been unfortunately sent on this f4rum the request
i try to think it's wise. the medication they are
using is called sleepwellbaby. i am gradualluy trying
to use alternative ways and sleep in the University of
Padova to sleep there, but it's quite uneasy, yet yam
in the process of trying to give up , and so somebody
plse give me a blow in the brain and relocate me in a
place where sleep i can find in what place Mme
Lafayette says about food, this: when you eat chips in
front the TV or sleep only on Internet Deleuze Group ,
you immediately dig that so you'll know next time you
read it..

could it be possible to manage archives and deleet at
free-will any of those writer's private mails and,
thus, by -myselves- any posts which today were
"robbed" by demons onto your own's dismeanor
dishonoured selves sometimeS? thanks moderators so to
consider seriously this quest.. i think here so 'tis
would be so friendly a list where you can take thus
your ride with the sleepwellbabydangerous drugs, and
decide not to take them at the time you also realize,
to, your own amazed sensa, that your computer is still
blinking in your brains "on" and "on" and "on",
repetedly,  while under their magnetism you slowly
understand how you could in the proceess start and to
unhook from sleepwell, say like me, let those files
not be kept anywhere oh plse!.

said to the Everybody
who is reading me.
byebye now myfriends!

Liza Koznerr--

PS It's starnge isn't it you do not see lot's of ppl
in pieejamas or tunique de nuit and other chemisettes
of nuit when in the street only red and green lights
and very clothed you can take a stide in-between cars
painted in uniform colors?

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