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Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 18:54:43 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [D-G]france culture clare parnet 

well the drift list was starting well, better than the
more formalist deleuze-guattari spooon, and then some
writers i won't name took it again in a way that
destroyed any of former possibility of internet
chatter like we tried to do, and now i wish we could
chat, oh let's say, i am sad, i want to chat i feel
like chatting with someone, who has the gifts and can
provide some interesting meanderings as Lacan but he's
not here anymore and this explains the curious Didier
Eribon interview in Nouvel Observateur: Deleuze saw
him ask for a cup of whisky at midnight when in his
home in Paris, btw no badiou because it's wd be rather
stupidous to get backwards to a harmful paterna-list.
let's think about less nearsighted view of
Psychoanalysis than coming back to Lacan. but also a
new "squinting": imagine:  Badiou winked or even a
Zizeck which "squinted" back, or even winked to Lacan
in an unbearable way for serious people like us. tss
Let's carry on the thread on synaesthesia. The people
is me It's Yooo, the peoople, it's yoo, and so we talk
to thee yoo, yooo hoo  whom Deleuze wanted in the
spiderweb fold (crisis images). And ask for your so
chat with Radio Deleuze starting. I am a student in
Psychology in Italy and I am from France I look
forward to a Hastings Battle, a Bonaparte invading
England. I dislike really with all my will to power
what Americans have to say on the wife of Deleuze. 

But for Claire, I asked about her musical introduction
to Deleuze , and of course they superbly ignored me.
Or we could theorematically imagine are they thinking
about the project? Radio France Culture have no time
to spare because they are busy at the moment but it's
only temporary. Someone could give me a file of Claire
Parnet, someone got it from another list I don't even
know the title!. We could bring it discretely to Radio
Deleuze? Let's do bring all my sounds to Claire
Parnet, let's help her receive?? Is she here then, can
she listen the the slow hummings?

Oh and the title is ironical of course I wish noone
answers as this is only here a faked desire to
recreate my own affairs on the list, pretending to
chat but really meaning music composition. Do a radio
Boulez. a radio Non Pulsated by Deleuze I am fed by
Deleuze familly. But Claire 6 SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO GET
Musical Literaliser AsKIN' ya33333333333333333333333

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