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Subject: Re: [D-G] Omega 3
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:30:52 -0500

Just recently I learned about Omega3.

I have terrible problems of concentration, imagine this, I use 4
computers at a time writing, designing, reading.

Well the point is that an academic from the field of education
recommended me to try eating peanuts and every variety of nuts.

The result is great.

Omega 3 can be found on fish oils and nuts. So instead of having a
spoon of fish oil every morning I have lots of peanuts and now I can
concentrate, I eat nuts all day.

It's so good because I also drink less coffee and smoke less, it's
because I'm so concentrated at work that I forget my cigarrets and nuts=20
go better with fresh drinks than with coffee

Well, I invite everybody to eat nuts and empower your concentration.

About Sub Marcos leaving Chiapas, I'm from México city, and i haven't=20
heard anything about it. Here every news is about the pope until last
friday that the issue is about Mexico's city major impeachment (is it
the correct spelling?)

Well greetings from México

On 10/04/2005, at 02:27 PM, Lucy LeGentilSinge wrote:

> Dear friends,
> masos and paranos, junks
> nevropaths and schizophrenetics...
> My difficulty is the following: I am not following the
> news on the death of the Christian Jean-Paul the Seonc
> Pope of Christ. He was elected the day of his birth,
> in 1978, and at this time I admit was more interested
> by the Anglican Church, also and also the Methodists.
> But I have not been following the Pope's death and
> knew the poor fellow would die, nor Have I listened to
> the tv chatter on Charles' wedding with a charming
> Princess of what I guess she is a Roth-Urian. I knew
> they would marry because Queen Elisabeth talked about
> only joining outside Also (& this is a surprise!)
> Monaco Prince (former husband of the hollyodian
> actress G.Kelly) Reinier, all this can lead you with
> the conclusion: I am not in touch with tv- reality.
> Pink TV: not seen! So I took up and cracked a given
> quantity of Omega3. It's perfect for the taste. It
> goes in the brain cell directly, surely it can melt in
> there when I will take it. It's so good also I 've
> been said by the Pharmacopeonist!! But what I wish,
> was I knew how to re-connect re-al-ly with this week's
> agendas. Someone said also that the Marcos were out of
> Chiapas, and fled to Bahamas Island. Ney I want to
> have a squilsh of Omega3, I wish you could with me try
> to empower my power of thoughts. Omega3... And so I
> took it, and I have reconnected totally with my
> M-Theory agents and their hidden secrets. Conspiration
> theory flushed out me like a Line of Music with an
> Omega3 gem broken and falling on the ground squelching
> drops on the hands. What to do with my lack of Omega3?
> I ask you if you knew.
> Lucy
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