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Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 02:07:28 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [D-G] Omega 3

--- Ivan Zavala <> wrote:
> Just recently I learned about Omega3.
> I have terrible problems of concentration, imagine
> this, I use 4 
> computers at a time writing, designing, reading.
what do you uses as content to those computers

are they related by threads? 

what body without organs expressive linearity has said
on coffee made my worrry how greassy and salty is your
cso bwo ? comprende amigo? para que mas facil
comprender con un indicatione dell showreel (sorry
many voices in my mind they press me to ask what in
their quolm drulm there is that they want to ask, poat
matip dread creacer, crea ooops voices i want to be
dominant among all of you where as ivan might be
concerned to have her mail answered. ok
so what we want is to give a imagenition a way to be
perceive by blurr chaotic cliche, the two cso & bwo of
yours of mine, and their culture in linearities of

synaesthesia see in article politics tomorrow dear

(we are the voices in liza in liza, reatreating from
her after de night.) sis lo derdre buitiner, lois vois
pas toi.)

tu sais ivan, c'est très gentil de croire que tu peux
nous emmener dans ton entrain du jour vers la
politique de fili depuis que c'est elle qui poisse
constamment contre ma politique de certitude de
cavalerie, pour casser pour casser vibratoire, pour
vibrer moi bribri,  tu vibres me demandes tu elle
vient de me dire que je dois vous effrayer car il
pourrait y a voir dautres gens qui ont des gens dans
leurs esprits. et ils pourraient perdre leur stase
identificatoire et leur autopoesis. et les nevropathes
vont plus comprendres les schizophrenetik et là ils
auront peur tacoup

mais ce chouette ton mail ivan, je te remercie et je
penserai à toi ds mes publications futures aussi.....


Fili Houtman
Guiding Liza KOZNER LOVE§§§


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