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Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 04:35:08 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [D-G]hope in spinoza remix of usa intelligentsia

 si la liste restait active nous pourrions creer ici
un endroit ou les artistes et les philosophes se
rencontreraient et discuteraient de ce qui leur
importe dans Gilles Deleuze et Felix Guattari pour
realiser des choses, de tailles variées et d
'importances diverses.

What are your thoughts of today? Nietzsche said that
he could show much fun about the people who only have
six or five ideas dayly while for others  ideas, he
said are part of life healthy mechanism by which our 
ways of processing in human nature come to manifest
themselves in day light.

day light is this list, so let us see the tip of the
icebergh. who are you who are we on this virtual
possible haeceeities least we let them happen and let
us be modified by them, by ourselves. 

where are you discussing otherwise, what groups are
you active on the internet and outside, so that
something happens here aswell.

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