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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 15:40:56 +0500
Subject: [D-G] Re: grammar used by Pretzel

from where the idea of captlism comes to ascritan the fact of grammar.
its being mythic is also an absurdity.
On 9/12/05, Liza Kozner <> wrote:
> the grammar is mythic but how useful is it if
> you are not a capitalist.
>  how is fruits it usefull. codes is also the new
> fashion in electronic arts since last year, from
> hiphop to webpage everything is hypely coded.
> Nietsche has criticised the value of use both inside
> economical structuralist of the brits era, and within
> other pulp factory figus trees yard closed until the
> zero point where use is of no importance as a concept.
> its a word which can be banished from the admirer of
> Nietzsche philosophy, because it does not offer no
> more ressonance on which to let grow anything in
> exchange of ones admiration of the syphillitic
> Philosopher. the minimalism of language one important
> writer after an other important writer is something
> which should be taken to the Niagara Falls by the new
> lyra arrived on the vessels. the minimalism of
> litterature has to get to this place of dissonance
> where gammar offer no more saliency to ordinary
> language than words. please explain why is grammar
> useful to you? ty
> =09
> =09
> =09=09
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