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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 16:38:49 +0500
Subject: [D-G] Re: grammar used by Pretzel

it is more approprite to call this code rather than grammer

On 9/23/05, NZ <> wrote:
> bacchus grammar?
> capitalism loves grammar,whence markets, rhetoric, etc...
> bill cosby's disdain for ebonix, the grammafication of slang.
> grammar is just so easy to take advantage of. so often because of
> grammar rather than subject (or object) are detentional ideas born.
> even the peculiar grammar of various sensory inputs of the mind is an
> easy target... like, persistance of vision, part of the grammar of
> sight which allows us to watch tv.
> but i suppose you meant a more conservative grammar,
> the grammar of language. there is the US republican-conservative
> agenda, with designers like Rove and the Carlyle Group who find a
> mouthpiece with fox news and people like Safire (Nixon's
> speechwriter). There are several on-line blogs devoted to unraveling
> how these people directly use language grammar to mis-frame subjects.
> In Safire's now classic "How Not to Write: The Essential Misrules of
> Grammar", he coins the term "fumblerules," showing you how not to
> break them -- and when, in special cases, you can.
> have you seen "Sticks & Stones" yet?
> but dont get me wrong, not all grammar is bad, I'm a big fan of the
> declaritive case.
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