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there is a discussion im ATP "Micropolitique andd segmentarite" which might
be useful for this question.
There is a distinction between "mass" unorganised, inspired by Canettis
book, and "class", which is more structured, for example by unions.
As mass is a little bit more on the side of "micro", so D&G seem to have
more sympathy for it.
Intersting is, that a politic of unceratinty is constituitive for modern
This reminds on Heideggers "Sorge" - and the role fears are playing in
social control from the ancients.
The great distinctions betweeen unions and capitalist, and between nations
or religions
are a lot too big, so that the lttle happines of the common people is
overdetermined (Althusser) or suppressed by it.
This big distinction are so important, that for the individual nothing is
left - it become a kind a "nothing"-


Harald Wenk

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Subject: [D-G] labor organizations

I'm trying to find out if D&G ever go into any
extended discussion of labor movements and unions.
Deleuze makes a comment about unions near the end of
postscript on societies of control, and there are some
pretty obvious directions one may glean from, say,
nomadism, in regards to labor. But I'm wondering if
they ever actually suggest a manner of organizing
labor unions in a way that might be adequate to their
understanding of politics.

I guess this is sort of a question of how to build,
well, powerful difference engines on the level of the

Or do any Deleuze-inspired thinkers or practitioners
address the question of unions and labor

Thanks much. -donald

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