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Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 16:11:52 +0100 (BST)
Subject: RE: [D-G] grammar of Pretzel 

--- hwenk <> wrote:

> Hello,
> there is a discussion im ATP "Micropolitique andd
> segmentarite" which might
> be useful for this question.
> There is a distinction between "mass" unorganised,
> inspired by Canettis
> book, and "class", which is more structured, for
> example by unions.
> As mass is a little bit more on the side of "micro",
> so D&G seem to have
> more sympathy for it

this could be picked up also in the thread of
reflexion on the subversion of grammar and in this
particular instance it would lead to wonder if the
language of atp  cannot from this floating surface be
so laid that the polarity can be flexible and "mass"
be the horrendous quantas going in the "uncertain"
directionm whereas "class" becomes the synonym of its
patronymic equivalent like when you say in Fashion _
|waow this powerful Ferrari is very "classe"|. a new
logic of ATP wherin the paradigmatism of the atp drum
of concepts is  ~restriated~ on a new plane that would
please Deleuze et Guattari. 

the mass is not very sympathic but the notion of class
is a good tool and then we could organize our labor
movements by the help of atp thanks to their words and
use the signs in a shifted way. the black holes could
be created like in the French Litterature we could
invent reterritorialization on walls so that we can
prevent the drum of the warmongers in the industrial
capital set of the ennemies. presignifiant could be
used to this effect. i think JON mendel your idea to
bring D.Jackson to Negri is unfaithful to the intent
with which the spirit of ATP the pragmatism of the
book. Lack of faith in the possibilities of "playing
around with the notions. And Negri has voted YES for
the EU Constitution. If you read the EU refused
constitution you would see how inacceptable it was.
They took all the last ten years various currents in
Political Politicians and attempted to make us vote
for  THIS fuzzyness as a Constitution. Articles
followed soon in Le Monde Diplomatique on EU having a
Constitution as strong as a Constitution proper to the
possible dignity of a new Continent size Democratic
Assemblage such as EU that then could measure to the
US paradigm and its industrial complex. A Singular way
for Europe. an Assemblage of that kind to try this. To
use the brains. And Negri instead played the role of
the Politicians Politicians. He is blind. For labor
movement the best advice is to study ATP in free
minded way.

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