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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 20:10:32 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [D-G] Middle Ages

This is in relation to Pretzel's message. He talked about the substitution in the English language of the Dative by a ... in 1070, when Vikings arrived.
I wish I could have a team, I could tell the team of searchers: study the Middle Ages. It is Pretzel's idea.
The question is set in the realm of the possible research by our team. The birth of University. Has University been what it is today. The historicisation of Deleuze or Guattari's  idea that Philosophy is the Judge, and - that the Judge helps the Imperium, the Despot. The building of University at that time, we would study what were  it's functions. Information fails to reach me: who created the University, to what purpose.
Second alinea, second part of the same questionment: The creation of words . If you look at the new words Scholasticism invented. The claim of Surrealist to find in DuBellay and Rabelais a "reclaim" of the invention of words, to serve to the purpose of thinking outside of the University. What relation between the Accademy, the French Accademy, and the Building of University in the Middle Ages.
Generally, namely in Act of Creation and Postscript to Control Societies, Deleuze puts the origins of "society" being the focus of meditations done by Foucault, and examplifying a time lined passage from Feudal Society to Disciplinary (Napoleonic wars)
Control Society ...-(world wars2 and 1(?)).
What I would like to operate here is the passage of study the earliest time, the crumbling of the Roman Empire, and after the "Black Period" the Birth of University. How can University serve certain imperceptible functions nowadays in our world, and how the study of it's birth could enlighten us on the imperceptible forces it plays in Contemporaneous time.
Reflexions on the outside of Knowledge, and the bionivocous standard which University actualises in our lives, in the possible, future.
Liza Kozner and Gondo Minnie 
her baby apprentice.

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