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Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 09:05:18 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [D-G] sex appeal pf the inorganic

--- Gondo -Minnie <> wrote:
> ie. to define gregar etiologically what we claim you
> and me is an hoax , we need to confront the father.

Gee, I'm so naive! I just thought you were saying that
ATP, or any text, cannot affect the brain/body in ways
that cinema, computer graphics or other non-textual
techniques can? Maybe the new techniques support
certain sensual intensities not available thru text --
but wasn't sure what tho do w/ theory unless theory is
meant as "experienc[ing] a bit of the Other".

I don't know who is Father and what is the Other, so
you'll have to analySAND me, rough edges... Mark ing

> ---
> <> wrote:
> > i would imagine if theory is whats tho be
> produced,
> lets have it into account consideration, that there
> are as many variagating sorts of people, yet what is
> important then is the existencial way we can shift
> experience a bit of the Other, wherein what this
> multiplicity of character can thus offer, thanks to
> intelligent theory. do you think atp has ashieved
> this. i think in atp partly the way of concept
> regulation is so important can cause only certain
> areas of the brain/body to be affected. the problem
> to do a prolongation, a projection or extension of
> these works so that the different layers or stratas
> can be set in correlate in the plane of immanence
> made thus called consistant in this respect also?? 
> > 
> > Mark Crosby <> wrote:---
> > dropping in on any of these 1000 Plateaus leaves
> > apluralist appreciation that, as the person cited
> > above says, "there are apparently different sorts
> > people out there ... some of whom are more suited
> > quick and effective social interaction and others
> > are more suited for analysizing data and systems
> > accurately and logically. But, these sorts
> > will remain obscured if the research remains
> > one-sided"...

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