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Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 02:42:10 -0500
Subject: Re: [D-G] coucou NZ!! a letter from Europe

I have some friends visiting from Alabama, Berlin, Tanzania and West
Virgina and we all went to see the museums in newyorkcity, this is the
current show at the museum of modern art, MOMA.... here is an excert:

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The Museum of Modern Art's new exhibition "SAFE:
Design Takes on Risk"

In this first major design show since Yoshio Taniguchi renovated
MoMA's facility, warm-wood floors and clear white lighting embrace the
goals driving curator Paola Antonelli.
>From emergency housing with doors -- "because people feel safer with a
door they can close" -- to the Boezels Collection's huggable toys for
troubled kids, Antonelli has searched out the emotional impetus for
what we perceive as safety.

"Where can we buy this?" gallery goers ask Paola Antonelli.

"You can't buy it, it's not made yet," she tells them -- and points
them to the DaimlerChrysler Smart car, just put on display last week
in the museum's permanent collection Design Galleries.

blahblah blah

the avant-garde is probably not the safests place to be during the
battle warfare.
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