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Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 22:41:39 -0500
Subject: Re: [D-G] a lot of colors in 1911

in fact I dont see anything, no numbers, no patterns nor bin-hex code,
I just never knew that my computer could understand greek text untill
i saw that email. I knew there must be a way to read it so I looked
for a translator but could only find the one liksted above, which is
never gonna do a good job but at least I felt a little closer to the
subject and the cyrilic, er greek alphabet. it was the experience for
which I was thankful. as for relating it to what you said, i dunno, I
pay attention to exactly half of everything that I confront, so I must
have missed your comment, cuz I don't know what it was about, I'm
still busy thinking about kitchener turning into churchill turning
into thatcher turning into blair and trying to read about how america
is still a colony of the british, in terms of banking specifically
most current events point to this point, the point of wars. also my
ipod psychologist has recently re-wrote my hardrive for the new year
and I'm still getting myself adjusted to all the crazy playlists that
I'm supposed to use. The books-on-tape section has to be expanded to
cover the biography of churchill, what a juvinile delinquent that boy
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