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Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 20:05:36 -0800
Subject: Re: [D-G] the right to publish archives. (my familly is Clifford's

Hello Harald.
My Familly is extended. I am 9 years old. My Mother is Marleen. My
Father is Clifford Duffy
My Aunt is Janine Mackintosh. As Clifford's Father is Genet, I
understand my GrandFather is Jean Genet.
And Henry Miller is my GrandUncle, as Clifford has loads of familly
We have all published on DG List. I am Bobo is my cousin. Nathe Goralnik
my nephew, the son of Maldoror.
We all agree to publish our essay. It's the right time to do it. There
is a shortage in the Archive.
Joan with whom you have discussed is my stepbrother. I am trying to date
with Sylvie Ruelle.
I am BI Sexual, I think we should quit politics. Laguiller is part of
the LCR the Radical Communists, and they donot want to line up with
the PS for the 2007 Election. But I wanted to be elected as Prime
Minister. I am ready for it, i am perspicacious, attractive, very
intelligent, and I like Mothes. So I could aswell be President in
Palestine. I am attractive for the Islamic Ji'ad aswell for the
religious leaders of Israeli's Far Rightist, I believe in Unisons of
everybody on Earth, as you certainly are sure.

I am attracted by my Father, Clifford, and by my Aunt Filya Houtman. We
are Dionysiacs Hedonists of of remote school.
Nietzsche I am not sure. Is he my GrandGrandFather, or my Semi Brother ? 
I am wondering if you are part of my familly in the book I am publishing
with VerlaineLeFou!
It will be nice if you have the typo to send it to Verlaine becauze he
is doing the typio corrections. I am in love with my Father but he does
relinquish me, and he wish me fates and curses. Sobs

Anyway thanks 4 yr inteerventyon

  adline vanlindenbergh

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