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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 04:06:28 +0000
Subject: Re: [D-G] TELEX To EARTH

Liza no! Fili Houtman is really Inside the Destroyer. I have seen her. I 
have passed my hand on her hair.
She is really there, standing, naked, at the mercy of the Imperial 

Forget about CAED Rebuild the alliance with the Sith Lord! Tell us what we 
should do.



Letter to Supporters: Update on the case of Steve Kurtz and CAE (PLEASE 
WIDELY)   [input]   [input]   [input]   [input]    -PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY-

January 17, 2006

Dear supporters of Steve Kurtz and Critical Art

Your support is needed now more than ever.

Whereas the hopes for dismissal of Steve’s case were
high last fall, on Thursday we received bad news on
the recommendation concerning the pre-trial motions.
Although it has been over 18 months since Steve was
charged with “mail fraud” and “wire fraud”—charges
carrying a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in
jail—he will now have to wait at least 8 months, and
possibly much longer, for the final decision on these
motions. (Please see for
more about the case.)

Magistrate H. Kenneth Schroeder [SNIP]

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