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what I meant was the characterisation of the rhizome by
joining every point with every point and so on,
treating it as a discrete manifold, in mathematics it would be a
graph (in some definitions).
You have a number of points and connections between them, normally at most
one between two different points.
This is also the formal structure of a network, also real computer networks
and other digital networks,
at least at a very abstract level.

This was the question as I understood it and why I Referred to the rhizome
of ATP, where the forma aspects are treated.
Haraway I don't know.

For political orientation it maybe of worth to consider the analysis of
Deleuze that
political parties are block to democracy and good
policies - as I understand it because their way of centralization
and unification, overdeterminig political problems
and with hidden structures of decision.
Often people without a political party or a
thinking bound to a political party would find a  more appropriate
local solution, even in case of different interests.
Bur for political parties, as Carl Schmitt already put, often the argument
is that the other party is kept off ruling.
So the opposition in a parliament criticizes the government whatever the
government does -
even if the party does almost the same if she is governing.
This devaluates  critics, because it is much more important from which
party the speaker come that the argument he is telling.
And this of course is not good for democracy.

So far greetings Harald Wenk
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Hi Harold,
I'll read the intro as soon as I pick it up.  Unfortunately, I've only read
through theory anthologies.  Does one of the intro's deal with what I was
asking about?  If so, could you tell me which version you are talking about?

On Mon, 03 Oct 2005 11:56:09 +0200, "hwenk" wrote:

> Hello,
> what about reading the introduction of ATP?
> greetings Harald Wenk
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> Hi, I just joined the listserv and wanted to introduce myself.
> My name is Brendan McCall, and I am finishing up my undergraduate work at
> Penn
> State.  I wanted to join this listserv so I can get a better understanding
> of
> Deleuze and Guattari (naturally, I suppose : ).
> Anyway, I have a minimal understanding of D/G and I am now interested in
> reading
> Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto in light of the excerpts I've seen from A
> Thousand
> Plateaus.  I don't really know where I am going with that, but I keep
> back to similarities between D/G's organic model (with rhizomes or
> to
> Haraway's digital model of connections through cybernetic networks.  In
> end, I think both a ripe with potential to my own evolving political PoV.
> I'm wondering if anyone here sees something similar or if I am talking
> something that's painfully obvious to all of you.  If anyone is
> I
> would like to talk a little about that as I read through A Thousand
> Plateaus,
> which I should probably pick up one of these days... I only have stuff
> that's
> anthologized.
> One more thing, I've been wondering if the record label Mille Plateau took
> the
> name from D/G or if its coincidental... Is there a story behind that or
> something?
> Glad to be aboard,
> Brendan
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