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Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 21:02:26 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: [D-G] deleuze and benjamin on violence

He is suggesting that Benjamin wants to have us think 
anew about violence and the possibility that it could once again be 
exterior to the state.
  anew, but it seems not new, it's rather states incorporeated, with the discourse
  on war & peace, if i read my mind well, it says since i came into contact with this email it incoporeated, the discourse of Ben Laden, which is exterior, 
  while the move was rather in 1990-1999 on the further detterritorialisation of american states to company, a movement that we see, then 2001 september saw a folding back on the Values of Democracy, on the certain values including Patriotism and expension of National Democracy to, the , so it's might not be with DG that we have to analyze, but their ideas could help .
  The space of visibility indeed is, important. 

But none of them seem to speak to the 
issue at hand here. That is, the deadly contradiction in modern 
  Could you become more explicit, as regards to contradiction in the state: Deleuze say that instead of contradiction, a possibility is game. The Athenians had no rules for making man free. it's not easy. Do you mean a return to the 1990-1999 time, or something else. I don't understand what you propose. Politic of visibility,
  because we 're blinded here, situation confusing me.
  I cannot speak about Virilio. I am in a writers block today and would like noto sacrifice on the altar of Internet all to  my ideas. But we could get at them slowly if you want.
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