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Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 22:57:32 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: [D-G] deleuze and benjamin on violence

hwenk <> wrote:    Hello,

I am surprised that there seems no realistc
view on scientific research and so much
pressure to control it.
  Pressure by what or  who? dear Collegue?
Whhat do you think has science and technology brought about that should have
better been not been invented.
  Microsoft technological capacity to seize the activity of people using computers, difficultity in learning open source but possibility

I remark that the theory of atomism is so that
building atomic bombs is very easy provided you have enough radioaktiv
The state of science in the 1940ies has been
very low compared to nowadays.
  let's not go in discussing weapons at the moment it scares me

Most of inventions improve capitalism by improving daily live
in making it more comfortable.
I don't suspect anyone is willing
to abolish most of this comfort.
  it's not about to abolish the comfort but to make sure
  it will be something lasting more than five days/years
  something where we have a view access on the condition of possibility of these scientifical
  creativity inventivity, access for all, rhizome not tree of sapiens

You may know that also Althusser has
written about that what he calls
"The spontaneous ideolgy of scientiests".

He meant something that science is pure and good
in the eyes of the researches and the critics as Althussser
say that they
have to look to whom its serves what they are doing.
  Althuser is a marxist who professes believes in progress by se, which shows a kind
  of positivity nothing else very philosophical or open minded
  to science constructivism

But thinking democratic in my eyes there is indeed
mostly profits for all people and
mostly also social problems need more
and not less science or application of science to be solved.
  the question might be interesting to introduce there the notion of Royale Science and Locale Problems Archimedes way, and a capacity for the scientist not to
  stamp on fix ideas. fuck avodgadro and mendelev for a while then get back to it, but allow your mind
  to questions, what you propose here is the further push of sapiens, and TREE (binarity) - power.

Deleuze and Guattari are full of references to most prominent and famous
science at the time their books were written, especially
sciences connected with structuralism.
  yet they thought what they science injected, they did not get inspired by the scientists paradigms, they critcised the paradigmalism of science in WIP?

I have read Benajmins essay on Baudelaire long tinme ago,
but I was more impressed as a lot of people here in germany by his
essay on arts in times of the possibility
techincal reproducing - emphazising the loss
of o the "aura".

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