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Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 19:05:30 +0000
Subject: Re: [D-G] deleuze and benjamin on violence

I think I understand how Deleuze's suicide was an act of joy, a repetition that generated difference, while the Nazi suicide was a repetition of the same.  Difference is limited in the (super)market to the calculated differences between brands of breakfast cereal.
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> >  Deleuze say Nazi were suicidary. i took the States (cfr Mein Kamph in 
> Propaganda)
> >  values, ressources, and vampirized it. Which triggered this is a 1929 crisis, 
> external, to Germany.
> I have looked into this prospect of a plot line that is suicidal. the
> suicide instinct or as it is described sometimes the idea that
> "self-destruction" is programed into t he genetic code. There is a
> fair amount of research into this and infact it is this "suicide"
> notion that has greatly funded the genetic research in USA since the
> 1940's. The ethical position ought to be clear, remove the suicidal
> code, pathology. Of couse such an endevour would occupy the minds of
> post-ww2 scientists. And it seems ethical onthe surface, but remember,
> not every one is Howard Hughes, not every one can have their head
> frozen and "cured of death", think of the masses within the framework
> of market driven techonlogy. It could not be anyother way with this
> one-dimensional p.o.v
> --------------------
> > habitude in communication is to answer and interprete es direct
> > from the text as possible.
> It is precisly that connection between habit and communication(via
> logos) which is a boundary of reterritorialization (capitalization).
> the "codes of habit"  vs. the "language of ideas" ... at what point
> does the ethical philosophy become merely a code of ethics? If a man
> can train himself, build his identity, why can't the masses be coded
> with a coded version of that identity? This is broadcast
> communication, this is not dialog, intellectual or even pure drivel,
> its not even based on language anymore... (..and thats where
> mills-to-freud rhizome can be detected)
> * * * * *
> Pretending to make decisions and
> philosophizing about the state, it is like a super cyber-spinozastic
> programable reality!! each step builds a hyper-coded mega-machine!! (I
> hope that pure-violence can crush that mega-mach.)
>  this is suicidary i find yes
>  do you in real life  aim at ignorance and pure violence?
> HOnastly, in real life I find myself fighting the mega0machine a lot
> lately. It is something I would rather not have to spend my time
> doing, I'd much rather bake my grandma some pot brownies and play a
> lyre. But as it is, I live in an ubanized environment and my life
> relies on the fruits of that evil tree. Myself and most of the people
> I know have terrible complexes about stupid things on tv, or in the
> news. For example when George Bush was ellected in 2000 most of the
> freindly people in my undergrad psychology class at Amherst , watched
> about 3-5 hrs of TV a day, instead of activly campaigning against the
> future presizdent. In foresight, this is very understandable, why
> bother?, but in hindsight, it is stupidity. Right now in Germany they
> are going through a massive tv culture attack from USA. Most of the
> biggest shows from 10 years ago now translatyed are becoming popular
> in Germany. Michael Jackson recently moved to Berlin even. If 10 years
> of this trash-identity brought the US to where it is now, where will
> Germany be in 10 years?
> recognizing code vs language is a good ability for intellectual survival.
> >
> > I am surprised that there seems no realistc
> > view on scientific research and so much
> > pressure to control it.
> >
> >   Pressure by what or  who? dear Collegue?
> >
> Most of the scientist I know who are doing research at universities
> are allowed to do pretty much what ever they want. if they need a
> hundred snails for their genetic test, they god it, if they need
> patients to send through an mri device, its theirs, if they want a
> couple monkey's, of course, but no donkeys please(!). The ethics of
> science is built into its technique, specialization (that way it can
> be mangaged from outside). The medical student who endevours to
> understand so he/she can help others is usually not going to go very
> far as the student who strategies his/her learning to excel in the
> curriculum.
> In this way scinece promotes non-ethical behavior, and this allows the
> martkets to prey upon young nubile scientists. (so, afterwards the
> rats are let free because they were not really needed in the
> firstplace.)
> >
> > Whhat do you think has science and technology brought about that should have
> > better been not been invented.
> >
> >   Microsoft technological capacity to seize the activity of people using 
> computers, difficultity in learning open source but possibility
> The techonology as an ethical issue in and of itself, is obscured by
> the ethics of "control of technology". These are to different issues
> that get conflated. With fire comes, control of fire, two different
> steps. Much of the technology of the computer, especially the big ones
> like Microsoft, Sony, Apple, are designed to fit into the framework of
> the market. If they are designed to "make life easier" well now, that
> is just a selling point isn't it?
> When technology is married to the market, the fetishizing can begin
> (as the consumer respondes from the coded limbic-system). Right now,
> you got Norway suing iPod for taking away an individual's right to own
> their own music. iPod does not liberate music from CD, it cages it in
> the filesystem. This is the market using technology as an excuse for
> weaseling its way into the citizen's identity, via hyponemata (iPod).
> And now the Nowgeian govt. is allowing their infamous hacker celebrity
> bust the iPod.
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