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Subject: Re: [D-G] benjamin and violence

answering to NZ

theres so much to say on tv
my essay on Freud, i havn't much read what i said in my essay on Freud
and this is probably a mistake. my body need to be organized a bit more
i like also Bejart
I got to say something for Psychology, then thought to say something for
but to psychologize TV back to Freud is not _this_ easy nervosity
especially given the abuse by Naim June Paik and 
got nervous as you use a lot the "narrative" word
which is "discursivite"" in French also, 
but well Foucault used it so you can use it,
but how Naim June Paik can appear to be discussing TV Robots
is out ofour mind, I could not discursivitate it, do you understand?
Such Robots made of fragments of discourse, could be representing the
decadence of Liza Kozner
in Bejart Ballets, located in Switzerland. I appreciate anyway the
between Robots, as a way of leaving the hint towards their superiority,
at the cost of their
dependency to TV in those Scultpures. They are not moving easily,
and should be able to catch a resonnance. The waves are represented on
the screen by discursive dispositives, yet as to what concerned the
of inside of TV fabric, there was La Rose Pourpre du Caire Woddy Allen
showed the actress trespassing the screen,
and I analysed, a bit in the way of Freud in his Traumendology I must
reckon', that I have said, but that which said I analysed it
so, yesterday, reading Traudmentotaulogy, in the Repetitive Fashion of
Paris style early 90's, with Charlotte aux Pommes (Carl der Aphelstrudel
and Freedom lacking my essay I decided to admit it was my mistake if I
used the computer tho could I admit I was lost in the TV somewhere I at
the start of the election, but watching it made me see the actress, and
we could analyse, and use discursive approaches, apparatus of conscious

Yop say Thanks now.

  adline vanlindenbergh

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