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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 23:49:31 -0500
Subject: [D-G] Invitation to participate in a heterotopian Archive

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative is seeking artists interested in 
transforming single rooms of a 1950=92s boarding house into large 
installation works.  The 14 boarding rooms are on the second floor of a 
former thrift store whose =93vast=94 contents are being transformed into a 
12,000 sq ft, three story, integrated installation/museum exploring the 
juncture of theory and art in practice.  Artists are invited to live in 
the space and explore the contents in the creation of their work.  
Artists working in series and interested in smaller spaces such as 
cupboards, nooks, shelves approx.13=94x8=94x45=94, and any other surface that 
may interact with either another ceiling, floor or corner, and/or a 
peripheral and shifting context should contact Elsewhere for more 
information and application.  Please contact George Scheer at  Artists pursuing functional applications for 
theoretic and conceptual practices especially encouraged.  Digital 
samples of previous work are required.

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative is seeking documentary writers, 
photographers, and videographers interested in tracking a socially 
sculpted community of artists exploring the intersection of theory and 
art in a former thrift store and 1950=92s boarding house.  Within this 
three story, integrated living installation/museum, artists across 
medium are using the object resources to create works that function as 
background to a vibrant and theatrical discourse about art processes 
and the role of the model in shaping a distinct notion of collaborative 
community.  This summer 2006, artists from across the country will be 
coming to Elsewhere as part of our residency program, participating in 
this collaborative community working and living within this visual 
environment.  Join us in telling your story about a community that is 
writing its story by ordering things.  Please contact Stephanie Sherman 

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative
606 South Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27406
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