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but i can't make sense of this: 
let's yes think a community which
makes that the artists, the and the theorical
we laive together in real, real possibility
to both break the routines
of working with buzzmachines, all sorts of constrains exist in
a flat bordering a big road where
car led traces trail pass and conversation balblattersates lacks.
like monks in town we should not be exposed to flash of colours
as such really, the community helps
for there's needs for private research about what that do not succeed
the walls the planes the cars do 
this is poetry in disguize
the idea of inhabiting odd places is too misty in those times of TV
Challenger  thinks much in a narrative about the refashioning of
the idea of a school. sweep a school/ to make it a no-disciplinary
well t'would mean to me that there's no or a minimal plane of reference,
and this 
minimal space should be  imaginedconfronted,, biased and
operated-as-one-ingredient----- - 
or exgredient (oops what am I writing such words nut dictionary
Encyclopedia=B0)of the experiences not necessarily immediately transfered
to the work(-s) in the progress involution. the artist, thus,  could be
confronted with constrains
such as a fake internet website, various medias, boards of TV united etc
or commodial commandes for financing if s/h/e wants yet this is rather
an expensive process, it could insofar  become centrifuge rather
than with a point of gravity locking art ists into some fixed identity
or if there is points of gravity for grid locking the need for changing
is crucial you see now 
differential approaches should remain in the table of relationship of
the isolation of creative possibles towards integrating this possible
points of gravity and displacement in perspectives were a long formula
of math to remains  a thinkable before something unlockjs
and the space (community) that we are part of becomes visible, audible
by the monades andor so called travelling agencies of communication
unlocked in the tangency within axes of references.. juste une idée.
well this is time to listen to radio. 

I signed this Citizen Adline.

  adline vanlindenbergh

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