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Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 18:21:51 -0500
Subject: Re: [D-G] benjamin and violence

i understand what you mean by "discursive", and I do enjoy very much
taking off like a trampoline when I hit freud so very hard... yipee! I
am busy reading Freud, for me it is important to see that freud can go
beyond the pleasure principle (b/c when I try to talk freud to
scientist-friends, they are unable to accept  his old-fashiond models
of determanism, but by going beyond p.p. (and doo-doo for DyG,
y'know?!) those dumb homosexual models are no longer seen so

The reason I like the narrative plot, is because such communication on
this list is so nebulous and crazy, I feel it is most straight fowward
to present my writing as a plot to follow or ignore, it is not a
debate and neither am I trying to persuade anybody.. I find the
stories to be very big and intersect all with eachother from different
peoples writting, like one giant unconnected story.

I do not know what you have written about freud-tv-namjunpaik. I
looked online in the list database but could only find the
correspondence with sunhunter, which delt with bspinoza. I think njp
was one of the most interesting   artists of the most recent 50 years.
I like his "Thinker" which is also rodin's thinker merely watching
himself on a tv set. Mimesis as experienced by a machine becoming a
machine, today that is supposed to be a version of enlightenment, to
know our own nature, it is an issue for zspinoza too. the memisis of
truth, becoming true, even if such a thing does not exist. I do fee
that Spinoza is also a founder of discusivites (not just freud, marx,
or foucault), bspinoza, has also founded a mode of thinking about
subjects which has been construooded in un-intended ways. I thnk the
point that the man is different from his text is crucial, just by
entering the logos spinoza has become something else, perverted, not
just a man interacting with the world with language of intelligence,
but in the logos his thoughts become a code which anyone can use for
any reason they choose... the king of france, the church, clausewitz,
or even rambo. (btw, pv replaces the clausewitz model with his rambo
model of modern warfare).... so, the tv-code, I must watch some right
now! I am missing something, must go now...
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