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Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 19:17:50 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: [D-G] deleuze and benjamin on violence

I am sorry if I have seen to be insulting you:
  I was meandering in the litteral
  litteral world, i have always been attracted to books
  and a shema which could be questioned
  is: formed inside my multiplicities
  and what I do not yet know is wether dis shema will offer me
  such ruptures, or insults, but it must be good
  and rewardful to test it:
  i am thinking about in particular this part of the shema which i have read in Stengers and Pignarre book:
  Anti-Capitalism and Sorcellery Capitaliste
  They say that the scientists are seduced to work 
  and do not have the control of their thinkings,
  because need be results that line up to Capitalism. (is this still obscure, sorry for my synchretism, synthethistesme)
  Said also that they scientists reseachers, and alike,  have a difficulty in admitting that, and that it was what I wanted so
  here find discussed with you in a democratic practice of
  international consistant discussing way.
  Can the scientist be allowed by the producer some liberty of creation?
  The negative answer to that offers altermondiale wonder at the slowness to which
  medication for Aids is distributed, the generics allowed, and also the problem
  of Organic Genetically Modified. Which could be suspected to be created in a practice, or environment of control,
  and not so much as the publicity of it would present them, scientific way of life for the future good of all.
  Is this less obscure. 
  That's about it.
  Walter Benjamin: did you read his essay on Baudelaire. I have asked to publisher to read it. Next month Books said will be handy. Talk more about it next mail?. Sorry for uneasy. let's undertsand now: Pillow Time Zone establishment Era.
hwenk <> wrote:

excuse me, maybe I am a little bit
to much used to read or hear things expressing in a more
direct and understandable way,
also in regard of the circumstances, what people want and try to say.
As far as I see the members of these list are spread
all over the world and are
changing a lot.
Therefore personal acquaintance doesn't play a crucial role, especially as
this list
is official a discussion forum
concerning the work of Deleuze and Guattari.

So sometimes things you are writing are a at least bit obscure, sometimes
As a lover of freedom and respect for one another,
in regard of the golden rule and
this list as a model in act of free practice, which is your own proposal, I
suggest to
express oneself more clearly.

I am not aware that pure violence plays an important role in the work of
Walter Benjamin.

Best wishes

Harald Wenk

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Sent: Samstag, 4. M=E4rz 2006 16:42
Subject: Re: [D-G] deleuze and benjamin on violence

Dear all,

whatever i write on this list is too be read and not read by not
the same body
mostly it is not readable by the body without organs
and i am trying to read nevertheless
what i wrote is there, existing as human being
and it is not easy
sometimes i write something in the inbox
and i write something else on the sentbox
and i write something else in the bulkbox
most of it looks like dirty beauty jam of spam
and i hear your music in the radio
and write an apologetic
mail to harald wenk about
my interest
for the others on the list

regards to all
Gondo the Nevrosed

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