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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 21:04:59 -0500
Subject: Re: [D-G] deleuze and benjamin on violence

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it is link to an english lecture by Daniel Robinson from his series
"48 Grate Ideas in Psychologiey"
GeorgetownUniversity's nuero-psychologogist, a smart fellow!!

It is a long 6.9mb lecture from the TheTeachingCompany.

(Re: Tragedie of Spinoza/ Comedia del Benjamin)
Sharring issuse that animate the intellect.
what is the singal characteristinc of schience
tentative answers....
1950s hardball - handball -
nomological deductive model of scintific expl;anation... vs
"herumanutics narrative historical"

instance of aunivesal known to be true.
gravataion law.
"smash from falling!!"

itentifies science according to the nature of the explaniations it
proviees... scientific explanations.
is x = x
how do you get a scientif explanation?
reference. lie berry

Tragedy of trends and tendencess studeied by economists, good
explaination sketch, quality of the sketc increases as reliability of
thhe law increases.  <- THE LAW
axiom:law must be true
how do you know a universal law is true?
(universal law of gravity ="Newtons assumptions" vs "Einsteins
assumptions").... context of mid-sized objects
Newtonion world is bounded by relativistic conditions.
not about wrong or right.... but scientificlly wrong, unscientifuck!

2 psychologyies

A)a scientific psychology, focus on building legos, universal laws,
statistical law included, YES and yes.
aspireing to create genral laws. grid love grid love grid love rid love,
the more intersting the psychological question the less precise it can
be known. why?
B)humanistic tradition
identifies phsycolochy not-fit for scientific deveolpment, for
eveolution into a scinetific body of knowledge
what makes an event psycholocial..... folk psychology

the persons who acually flesh out history create history, psycholoical
phenomeena, create biography, creat neopoliion blown-apart.

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File TTC - Robinson - 48.29 - Violence and the Brain.mp3 (7,328,265 b)
has been successfully uploaded.

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