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it looks like you are more interesred in private life and the discussion of
Deleuze and Guattari or Spinoza doesn't play any
important role for the path you travel.

In my eyes this is a group for discussing the work of Deleuze and  Guattari
and waht
advanced philosophy can tell us to solve our problems or to
live better.

Therefore I think it is sometimes hard to find out what you discuss in this

greetings Harald Wenk

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to take a step back in time...
I am a friend of spinoza also, we shared a carp lunch in the
summertime. I can tell by his voice that he is an old soul, a good
man. There are other people in my life that I care about also and if
they get into trouble I get worried. I want them to stop doing the
things that are dangerous. I was worried for Spinoza when DeVriS was
kidnapped and violently murdered by angry public, but the public is
not mad at Spinoza really, he is just a guy, they were mad at their
government. The violence of a society is not directed at an object but
more like a "situation" "constellation of events and objects" -
(anti-war, french labor laws, Basque independence, capitalism,
football team). Even a war is designed by the war designers (re:
clausewitz) to be "non-personal," but instead the target of violence
is still more like a situation. What makes that situation the way that
it is? In one guess... laws. In two guesses... people. In three...
money... now I am talking about power... soveriengty again. Sure
person-to-person violence will happen but that is really psychological
and I don't think I have what it takes to read people's mind, I'd much
rather read my own mind

Science, Math and logic (together as logos) are perfectly harmless,
they are wonderful, that is not a debate for me, I use them everyday,
I have no desire to like like a dog who cannot drive a car. I love to
drive a car, it is one of the most amazing things a person can do in
the 20th century, that and of course taking a shower is very
iimportatn, also it is important to wear socks in the modern age.

My references are my own, if they are unknown, then they are probably
not very important and they do not need to be understood. But the
references are my hyponemata, everyone has their own hypomnemata and
if we share them with each other we build a logos together. (Google
and wikipedia make it easy to begin to understand the weird subjects
that people talk about.)

The violence of my logos against your logos, is not intentional, it is
inherent, cannot avoid this violence, I think it is a part of logos -
and when I read wbenj's "crit on violence" I am only more sure of this
(for myself, for my hyponmemata now has new exciting places to
logos-vs-logos = positive-v (here the scientist will win)
nonlogos-vs-logos = natural-v (here the dog will win)

Spinoza's hymomnemata (his undeveloped writting and math), was mostly
private. When his freind snuck into his room on Sunday and stole the
dead Spinoza's hypomnemata and the published it, that is called
"re-territorialzing" - taking the life-code of one nice fellow and
broadcasting it to millions of other nice fellows. Today we can all
read Spinoza's hypomnemata as a "finished" work. We can use his
personal techniques for happiness on ourselves. That is good for me
and that is good for society. "good" as in happiness, blessed
intelligence. Fine, but there are a million ways to achieve blessed
happiness, not just the one (dualism really, just like Zarathustran
dualism, it is a dualist system - the spartans had a dualist system
too and so does america today). By following the prescription for one
path (so-called "monism), I will totally ignore the prescription for
all the other paths. (here is the old fashioned demonstration of
energy constants within the mind) IF tthat said path is also aligned
with a violent soverienty then what is to be done? Am I an unconscious
member of the soveriengty, a tool? Can I work hard to extract the
"meaning" of said path and re-align/ de-territorialize my own path
from it so as to disconnect my actions from the path of soviergn
violence, sure, but will that help others who are in my same
situation? Probably not. For me, and this is just for me, I ask myself
 "but why work so hard doing that when there are a million other paths
to take that have not yet been re-territorialized by the soverignty."

In this way I see Spinoza as burried under the horizon-line of
history. yes we are all standing upon him but to get down to his level
involves a lot of digging, hard work. I am not shy of hard work but
personally I do not feel comfortable looking up at the world from this
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