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Subject: Re: [D-G] deleuze and benjamin on violence


the purpose of philosophy is in my eyes to enlarge and explain life, therby
new opportunities to think and act.

It is a little bit funny that almost all people try to
have a standpoint above all:
philosoophy, science, mathematics, economy, morals and so on.

But if there is a question, normally
one or more of these sciences have already taken up the best thinking what
there is at time regarding the question.

That is somethiong like to say one is beyonnd cars, aeroplanes, bycycles and
similiar things.
But if one wants to move from one place to another the question is how to do
it, and
 surprisingly one chooses between cars, areroplanes, bycycles and so on.

Now the critical function of philosophy is to move away from fixed ideas,
making one not to see possibilities of living which are actual there.

The positive function is to look
at sources which are not used until now.

In case of Deleuze and Guattar it is the interplay of your social
envoirnment and our individual thinking and feeling.

As already Nietzsche pointed out,
the pressure to harmonize thinking is very high. This goes even by finer
mechanisms, as you stay to your thinking, but in practice there is no
possibility to use, because nobody les supports it.

The other thing is that almost everyoner has an opinion to everything, which
makes these
movements very difficult to see.

And the real question is, why people feel often so uncomfortable up to
mental illeness on the ground that there is a lot of richness in our
societies - even regarding selfreflection and psychological thinking .

And the groundfeeling of Freud taken up by the left is, that there are often
things related to very important wishes, in old fashion manner of the
"heart", which are denied in such a manner, that for the people it is hard
to live with that.

Or there is somthing brute one cannot recognize.

greetings Harld Wenk

This is a very complicated process and is oftens aid that  ther are lacks of

And in philosophy one tries to sai there things as open and near the truth
as possible.

greetings Harld Wenk

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this has become tired now, we should give it up( don't you agree?) and
move on to differend disgussion...

my last words to you abou this:
, I am not denying DyG of anyting, I am not denying you of anyting,
the "standards" of this list are "dogs bullocks"...
I will not submit myself to philosophy, ever, so don't try to make me
feel like I need to explain a "negative why" for not accepting
something, that is ridiculous. besdies I am not interested in
convincing you of hy I feel some certain way, that is your business,
figure it out yourself, if you have issue with what I thinnk, you must
deal with it,not me, I have tried to share my mind w/ you already.

life always comes first beofore philosophy (except for cyborg
lesbians, they love the coded reality.)
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