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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 10:15:46 -0700
Subject: Re: [D-G] Tramway talks

It happens on the street. 
The tramway today has opened its doors
at a place it usually did never used to open the doors.

[censcor Cut]

watching her on the tramway as it stands by.throwed
and nobody stops, the boy still talks with the driver. 
by a gentle art of discussion, the drivers changed, there was an other

nearly five minutes passed. the boy was having difficulties

 to explain . they were having this miserable feeble discussion.
this made me think of nothing, yet it gave me some impression
i was wanting some understanding what were they saying. but talking
about Tramway was the rihgt place i found calcke in the seat formated
within the vehicles not as this like zen attitude. a
was looking I was yes for some satori, i was. worth mentioning! . is it
a metaphor if i say the tramway talked to me. he was feeling the weight
of Anna when she entered the satori experience. it was just an blinking
illusion, but when I saw the Lights, the subtle acid yellow light
in the brains/engines/mappemonde, i got experienced and took comfort. or
assistance in the total absorpation in the belly of the Magnificient Old
Instrument of joy in the streets..
  adline vanlindenbergh

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