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Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 01:53:41 -0400
Subject: Re: [D-G] Deleuze

Here are some various lectures by Robert Sapolsky that I have found.
they have helped me understand some of the various subtle parts of the
brain's chemical balance that actually touches on much of our
discussions generally. I realize that much of what we talk about here
is not broadly known and sounds rather esoteric and unconventional.
Sapolsky is very well known neuro-ethologist researcher who is a
lecturer also and he also loves Bob Marley too(!!). His research tends
to be regarded as a "scientification" of freudian psychology but he
has a knack for effortlessly bringing his scientific lectures into the
current political realm. Sapolsky's new book "monkeyluv" (sic,
wink-wink!) has some very interestig chapters regarding music which
should go very nicely with deleuze and pinhas. here:

All in all it is very enjoyable...
(this is going to be great, hold on here it comes...)

Robert Sapolsky
TTC - Biology and Human Behavior - Neurological Origins of Individuality
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

19. The Neurobiology of Aggression I.mp3
- notes for 19.
human subjects as species of animals
short term aggression stems from limbic centers
long term planned aggression from frontal cortex
confusion of sexuality and violence.
using buckets instead of terrible catagories
amygdala centers

20. The Neurobiology of Aggression II.mp3
 - notes20.
emotional behavior and the frontal cortex
the harder-thing vs easier-thing
shorterm cheap easy payoff vs long term payoff
Phineas Gage (1840s) and REM sleep,
late maturation of the frontal cortex,
dopamine rise, LTP, hold on here it comes! gratification postponment..
pension plans, environmental ethology for aggression
the harder-thing as violence

21. Hormones and Aggression.mp3
- notes for 21.
testosterone and estrogen, lorenz
violence caused by resource limitation
"behavioral fat" when aggression disinhibited
empathy (theory of mind)
socially taught aggression (harlow)

22. Early Experience and Aggression.mp3
- notes 22.
Kohlberg's stages of moral development, it might interest hwenk to
read about extreme "post-conventional" stages where the neurological
model falls apart (re: kirkagaard "being a christian consists of being
able to hold two contradictory facts in your head at the same time")
baboon's breeding a culture of non-aggression with female leadership.

23. Evolution, Aggression, and Cooperation.mp3
- notes for 23.
desert monotheism vs rainforest deism and hierarchical violence.
evolution and aggression, pseudo kinship band of brothers, us  vs
them, U.S. golf war propaganda, neuro-manipulation. beduin rituals and
the limbic system. female power ethology. the game theory of
evolutionary altruism.

12. Cooperation, Competition, and Neuroeconomics.mp3
- notes for 12.
i included this here to complete some of the Nash game theory
discussion that 23 leaves off with.
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