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Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 12:41:25 -0400
Subject: Re: [D-G] Deleuze

I am getting very excited about bringing this back to deleuze and
pinhas.. there is so much information mounting and it is sticking
together very nicely, well there is a lot of flab that must be
rendered still. I am trying to block out new information and I dont
quite get the drift of where einstein fits in yet, but I will think
about it and see, maybe you could make an effort to tie this together
since you have brought it up.? As for now, some of the lines of
thought that are converging very nicely along the aieon and the
chronos do seem to traverse religion (as 1-to-2 potential of 3) and
the lebanon crisis, I am very surprized by this and look forward to
explaining these connections once I can articulate them clearly. I am
not there yet and it is the poetry of that meaning that is bouncing in
my head right now.

Particularly I am interested in the brain as BwO and also the special
mechanics of the ear and to compare that to the mechanics of
reterritorialization that deleuze and pihnas painfully discuss. the
term is so common in dyg's writting but I have not read anything else
that gets into the very mechanics of that process (esp. regarding the
1 and 2). In an effort to subvert the pretzelbrain's tendency to get
mystical I have found Nash's Games to be a backdoor to that same
domain.  the game, which is a psychological 3rd, plays both the 1 and
the 2 together and I am imagining that the choice of
deteritorialziation (vs re-terr...) is a choice to opt out of the
game, that terrible game we are asked to play which pretends to be a
definition of consciousness.
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