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As you ask, here is Queen Itzabillya's idea on the issue in FarEast.

"There has been a small kingdom in Israel by the Western Kingdom, which
lasted something like 50 years
The Israel occupation and living on this part of continent could also
have a duration of 50 years.
It just maybe possible to view that why there is in Brussels, and I
imagine elswhere in Europe a wave of Polish
people, why not other waves of inhabitants, from Africa Israel Corea
etc. Why not follow Ahmaninejabs advice
and let Jews return to Europe. There is a lot of problems ahead if
we do not plan ahead: we would need firstly no ghettos, but secondly
intelligent managerbrain of ethnic viable harmonics
of the ethnicities. Ethnicities as part of modernity, modernity being
precisely the moment
wherin we can learn to live together harmoniously. Ethnicity as a
material from which combination arrise in variability and joyful
activities. Intelligence of the way of living together should be
learned, and produced, by the help of art, philosophy . Other continent
will follow the move
and forget all these nationalist weight.

At the time America blocks its frontiers, Europe could open them. Europe
is void of a meaningful political program.
Let it be it, a space a continent where all world impossible issues find
their solution by intelligence.

Let us work towards that goal."

Queen Itzabillya's discourse on the platform.

Adline V.
  adline vanlindenbergh

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